Not everything is 'man' made says Microsoft

9 March 2016

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Can’t name any female investors? Microsoft can.

Microsoft has launched a campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day in the US as part of an effort to encourage girls to enter tech fields.

The spot pictures young girls taking about why they love science but failing to name any inventors beside men. A montage of creations by women creators follows – including Maria Beasley who made the life raft. Who knew?

One girl says: “In school it was always male inventors. I just realised that.”

The idea came from only men showing up in Google’s carousel search results when the term ‘famous investor’ is searched.
According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap in computer science won't close until the year 2133.

As part of its initiative, Microsoft also announced a patent program that will give select female inventors support in patenting their ideas. The idea is to address the reality that women hold only 7% of patents and just 15% of inventors in the US are female.

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