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1 July 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Want to experience Western Australia's natural wonders? Thanks to Live Stream Stream now you can.

The campaign, by Cummins&Partners, aims to promote the Southern Forests Region of Western Australia following bushfires earlier this year.

Cummins&Partners executive creative director Jim Ingram said: "Still images can be faked or out-of-date. So what better way to show the Southern Forests Region was alive and well then to show it live and well."

The Live Stream Stream of The Cascades in the Gloucester National Park appears as a takeover on and is the first time live streaming through an advertising banner has been developed in Australia. 

Live events are also planned around the stream during daylight hours today including hiking and mountain-biking. Updates can be followed live via Twitter and Instagram through #thisiswa.


Cummins & Partners
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Couzens & Jim Ingram 
Creative Director: Doogie Chapman
Creative Team: Tom Vizard & Gil Benjamin
Managing Director: Tom Ward
Planning Director: Virginia Pracht
Senior Integration Director - Ollie Ward
Integration Manager - Shane Mitropoulos
Agency Producer - Katherine Muir
Digital Producer - Jacqui Rechtman
Digital Designer - Tony Zourkas

Rapid TV
Camera Op / DP: Rick Smart
Satellite Operator: Nick Manolios

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