Topdeck liberates youth with 'Time to Get Outta Here' escape hatch

13 February 2020

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The humorous spot delivers three different hyper-real 'mundane' scenarios young travellers are seeking escape from.

In a visionary move to defeat inauthentic travel porn and reclaim genuine experiences, youth travel experts Topdeck, have launched a bold campaign that calls Gen Z and Millennials globally to assess whether it's 'Time To Get Outta Here'.

The daring concept follows the release of the global travel leader's refreshed 'Feel Real' brand proposition, designed to reclaim the visceral essence of travel and liberate wayfarers from filtered tourism.

With humour at the helm, the Time To Get Outta Here (TTGOH) campaign focuses on the duplicated and duplicitous travel content filtering the world and delivers three different hyper-real 'mundane' scenarios young travellers are seeking escape from.

Topdeck global general manager Charles Knowlton says the daring campaign has been in development for some time and will offer a compelling escape hatch yearned for by the younger generation.

"The campaign looks to deliver a far more authentic, 'real' view of this audience's world by offering a brand of travel that doesn't reply on the same old travel tropes. We want to free travellers from the rules of home, the repetition and routine," Knowlton says.

"We've injected some traditional light-hearted humour our Aussie audience will love into three different but relatable and realistic scenarios that emphasise the contrast between Topdeck's hero protagonist and real-life Topdeck travellers making unforgettable memories.

"Young individuals are still working out who they are, what their identity is and for many, where they are now isn't their thing and not their dream.

"The manifesto here is building a new door, one filled with refreshing discoveries, a chance to strip back the norm to identify their real selves and what it means to truly feel something real."

The emotionally compelling and humorous campaign ties in four routine enemies; work, relationships, friends and family, and signposts the daily gym routine, hard-core Cosplay fans and awkward family relationships as triggers for the question: It is Time To Get Outta Here?

Topdeck global head of marketing Anna Fawcett says the new Feel Real brand proposition was inspired by extensive research conducted across the Australia, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom youth markets, imploring for less artificial travel and more unfiltered opportunities that are more socially rewarding, culturally different and personally liberating.

"We know that our target audience, Gen Z and Millennials, want real and authentic travel experiences as opposed to the polished Insta-worthy experiences that we've become overexposed to today," Fawcett says.

"We are coming out strong, cheeky and attention grabbing - we want to shake things up and break the mould of the "same same" boring travel advertising everyone else is doing."

The Feel Real campaign and research was commissioned by ZAK, a UK-based next generation creative agency and will be immortalised globally throughout Topdeck's corporate framework, operation and aesthetic.

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