Bonds celebrates Pride with 'Out Now' campaign

11 February 2020

Advertiser: Bonds
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

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The campaign, created by Leo Burnett, stars Australians telling the story of how long they have been out for.

To support the release of its new Pride range, Bonds has created OUT NOW, an idea that celebrates the coming out stories of queer Australians - turning a common fashion phrase into an expression of pride.

Created by Leo Burnett, OUT NOW features the amount of time these Aussies have been living out and proud – from six months to 55 years – to support everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

As part of the project, Bonds is a proud supporting partner of Minus18, champions for LGBTQIA+ youth Australia wide.

The partnership helps to fund important peer-to-peer support, education and training, and safe spaces for queer youth.

“I’m lucky to live in a country where I can live my life openly and honestly," Leo Burnett senior creative Ellie Dunn, who has been out 12 years, says.

"For me, OUT NOW is about celebrating the joy of being out, the journey that comes with it, and sharing pride in the fashion space. Getting to make this campaign with a predominantly queer crew just made it all the more special.”

During Mardi Gras, Bonds will also be holding the OUT NOW exhibition – an event for those who are out, not out, or the proudest allies out there.

Created in partnership with Minus18, the exhibition will feature portraits of the queer community including Rhys Nicholson, Mojo Juju, Montaigne and Frances Cannon.

The exhibition will double as a space where people can seek support from Minus18 staff, and have their photo taken to join the Growing Wall of Pride.

“We’re proud to be a brand that has a history of representing ALL Australians, and are thrilled to be working closely with Minus18 to celebrate the queer community in a way that everyone can get involved," Bonds head of marketing Kelly McBride says.

OUT NOW will appear from February 9 across social, online, outdoor and in store.

Client: Bonds
Head of Marketing: Kelly McBride
Marketing Manager: Kedda Ghazarian

Agency: Leo Burnett
CCO: Jason Williams
Creative Director: Daniel Pizzato (out 12 years)
Senior Copywriter: Ellie Dunn (out 12 years)
Senior Art Director: Stacey Karayannis
Account Director: Kim Thompson
Integrated Producer: Kaelene Morton
Senior Designer: Paula Cardona

Photographer: Tracey Lee Hayes (out 22 years)
Producer: Rosey Karaula
Make-up Artist: Kristyan Low (out 20 years)
Hair Artist: Claire Leighton (out 18 years)
Stylist: Carlos Mangubat (out 14 years)
Videographer: Ben Cotgrove (out 9 years)
Exhibition Make-up Artists: Bradwyn Jones (out 15 years), Rob Povey (out 17 years)
Exhibition hair artists: Koh (out 10 years), Budi Juspandi (out 39 years)
Exhibition stylist: Stuart Walford (out 13 years)
Casting / Talent Research: Rosey Karaula and Tracey Lee Hayes

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