The Royals reveal first work for iSelect

16 April 2018

Creative Agency: The Royals

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The aim of the campaign is to introduce iSelect as the trusted go-to partner for a lifetime of life admin challenges.

In its first work from The Royals, comparison website iSelect has taken a new position in the market as Australia 'life admin partner'.

Launching the new positioning through an integrated campaign, the new brand platform, entitled ‘All Over It’, presents iSelect as the trusted solution to life admin’s challenges.

The company is solving life admin challenges by adding more product categories and enhancing customer service.

“Our research shows that the mental load of life admin has become too heavy a burden for many Australians. They are wasting time and money on trying to manage their insurance, utilities and services, getting lost in the complexity and confusion; it’s a constant frustration that never goes away," iSelect group executive marketing Kirsten Craven says.

"At iSelect, we believe Australia deserves to be liberated from the stress and confusion of all that is Life Admin, and we’re on a mission to get all over it for them.”

“iSelect has been working towards becoming Australia’s life admin partner for some time now, but this is the first time they’re communicating this proposition to consumers – so we had to get this right," The Royals creative director Andy Jones says. 

"We’re proud to have created a campaign that focuses on everyday moments and life challenges to remind Australians that there are better things to be doing with their time than boring life admin tasks.”

‘All over it’ includes a series of TV ads, radio spots, OOH and digital.

The Royals won the iSelect account in November 2017.

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