The Project Factory creates app to bring familiar office sounds to the home

17 April 2020

Creative Agency: The Project Factory

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Miss the sound of the accounts guy sighing? Or the sound of your colleagues crunching?

The Project Factory, the digital development arm of Way to Blue, has launched of a new mobile app, Sound Bored.

The app is a one-of-a-kind sound board that allows users to close their eyes and truly place themselves back in time - in the office.

Research shows that social distancing from colleagues can be hard (for the most part) and working without the sound of the coffee brewing can be even harder. 

The app was built to soothe any poor, lonely souls and help them get through their working day.

With just one or two taps, Sound Bored allows users to bring sounds of the office into people’s makeshift offices at home.

Miss the sound of the accounts guy sighing or the sound of your colleagues crunching?

Sound Bored will make you feel right at work (not home) by enhancing your work from home sitch with the office sounds you miss.

“Based on the research, we just knew creating something like Sound Bored was the missing piece in a lot of people’s lives," The Project Factory APAC senior account manager Amber Clarke says. 

"We have already seen a 7% increase in productivity within our own team.”

Sound Bored in now available to download FREE on iOS.

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