The Honey Badger stars in MLA content campaign

20 May 2015

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That's right: it's Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins vs a boy scout, in a content series for Meat and Livestock Australia.

The campaign, by One Green Bean, is part of MLA's 'You're Better on Beef' campaign and introduces beef ambassador Cummins as he showcases that you can be better at whatever you want - you just need the right fuel in the tank.

In this instance, Cummins wants to be better at bush survival skills. To get him there? An expert survivalist in the form of a boy scout.

MLA marketing manager consumer programs Andrew Howie said:  “You are what you eat, and beef contains nutrients that support both physical and mental well being to help you perform at your peak. Australia has the best-tasting beef in the world,
and the ‘You’re Better on Beef’ platform is designed to inspire the nation to power up and be proud of their meal choices."

The content series will be housed on MLA's Australia Beef Facebook page. The campaign is supported by media spend and
consumer research uncovering what Australians want to be better at.


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