Telstra unveils Telstra Plus

13 May 2019

Advertiser: Telstra
Creative Agency: The Monkeys

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In its latest campaign, Telstra worked with The Monkeys to make sure Australians read its message about the Telstra Plus rewards program.

Telstra is making sure Australians see its latest text message unveiling the telco's rewards program, Telstra Plus.

In its latest campaign, created by The Monkeys, Telstra wanted to send the message about the rewards program beyond people's phones.

"A rewards program like Telstra Plus should be fun and feel rewarding in itself," The Monkeys creative director Ben Sampson says.

"Rather than just rolling it out, Telstra decided to play with the creative and use the announcement to engage with their customers even more."

The message was plastered on a blimp, posted to the Goulburn Ram and Michael Bublé was even hired to read it.

In the coming days, "The Most Important Text" will be covering billboards, painted by artists and baked into cupcakes.

It will also interrupt the footy, take over websites and appear some of the nation's most popular shows.

As the message pops up across Australia, Telstra will also be sending it out to people's phones too.

And just to make sure everyone got it, Telstra wanted to send the text here too.

"Hi, Telstra Plus is here! It’s our new rewards program that lets you earn points towards devices and more, from May 14. It’s our way of saying thanks. Join today at We really, really don’t want you to miss out."

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