TBWA and ANZ celebrate good sports

28 January 2020

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The campaign will feature a hero 90-second film with 60 and 30-second edits.

Kiwis love their sport, so much so that in any given week 95% of young people and 73% of adults take part in it.

Sport not only benefits physical health, it helps with mental well-being, social cohesiveness and community

ANZ has been supporting Kiwi sport for more than 20 years with grassroots and professional sponsorships across cricket, netball, the Olympics and the Paralympics. Now, they are investing in a new ‘good sport’ initiative.

To celebrate the values that Kiwis learn through sport, ANZ will be delivering a range of initiatives to acknowledge, reward and celebrate ‘good sports’ across New Zealand.

“In some parts of the world, sport is about winning at all costs. But sport for Kiwis is about so much more than this - it helps us to learn and understand humility, teamwork and compassion," ANZ head of marketing Astrud Burgess says.

"ANZ has supported a wide range of sports for many years, but most of all we support good sports, and this is what the ANZ Good Sports campaign aims to celebrate and encourage.”

TBWA chief creative officer Shane Bradnick says sport is at the heart of New Zealand's culture.

“We wanted to create a story that captures the essence of ANZ’s sport – and company – philosophy," Bradnick says.

"Success isn’t just measured on the scoreboard, it’s about the laughs you share, the skills you learn and the friendships you gain. It’s about how you and your community thrive.”

TBWA worked with director Mark Albiston from Sweetshop to create the hero 90-second film. 

"Sport runs in our veins here in New Zealand and the way we play it says a lot about who we are – I love the humour and the values embedded in this script. Game on," Albiston says.

The ANZ Good Sports campaign will feature a hero 90-second film with 60 and 30-second edits, large format OOH, digital, social and in-branch.

The campaign will be complemented by the launch of an awards programme that celebrates good sports – on and off the field; a netball and cricket grant programme; and the ongoing support of charitable organisations through the ANZ staff foundation.

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