Tassal encourages Australians to 'switch it for salmon'

17 November 2020

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Havas Group has spearheaded the campaign across its agency village.

Australian salmon producer Tassal has unveiled the next phase of its marketing strategy, highlighting the credentials of the superfood and championing salmon as a protein that Aussies should consider switching to.

Tassal has been a significant investor in the salmon industry for more than 30 years and the new campaign illustrates the brand’s continued commitment to driving consumption with its biggest ever marketing drive.

The Switch It For Salmon campaign showcases the taste, health, sustainability and versatility benefits of salmon, challenging consumers to change up their consumption habits and reinvent some of their most trusted go-to meals.

The campaign provides inspiration for how and where Aussies can make the switch, from exploring the concept of recipe reinvention through headlines including ‘Same Spag, Different Bol’ and ‘Same Stir, Different Fry’, to reminding Aussies about the dietary recommendations which outline that fish should be consumed at least twice a week.

The Switch It For Salmon campaign is being activated across TV, OOH, social media, PR and retail.

In addition to a TVC, the campaign also includes a digital content series, Nanna and Anna, which feature a young woman’s tales with her energetic grandmother, capturing a comedic take on situations families have found themselves in this year in lockdown.

The series encourages Aussies to ‘start a new tradition with extra nutrition’.

Havas Group has spearheaded the campaign across its agency village, developing an insight-driven, multi-channel strategy that would generate impact among grocery buyers.

Creative was developed by Havas’ retail specialists, h/commerce, media planning and buying led by Havas Melbourne and Red Havas leading the charge with PR and influencer activity.

“The impact of COVID-19 has highlighted a number of trends in Australians’ cooking and eating habits including a greater demand for easy-to-prepare meal solutions and increased consideration around health and wellbeing," Tassal Group senior marketing manager Caroline Hounsell says.

“Switch It For Salmon demonstrates the breadth of the benefits of Tassal salmon and why it should be on the grocery list in every household across Australia. Our campaign strategy enables us to share information and inspiration around salmon in different ways and is already helping to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.”

Pete Sherrah, creative director, h/commerce, says: “Asking Aussies to change their habits is not easy. The idea came about by looking at how people perceive salmon, as the “sometimes” protein or for special occasions. Our campaign is a simple call to action that challenges people to make the switch to salmon more regularly, because it’s better for you and more versatile. We want to make it more approachable and ‘everyday’ so more Aussies consider cooking with it.”

Client: Tassal Group
Creative and Retail: Host/Havas and h/commerce
Media: Havas Melbourne
PR and Social: Red Havas

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