Taboo and Metascent join forces to create a fragrance

17 December 2019

Creative Agency: Taboo

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Each year Taboo sets itself a project at Christmas time.

Independent creative agency Taboo has collaborated with MetaScents to launch a limited-edition premium fragrance with a twist.

FRAGRANT DISREGARD by Taboo and MetaScent is a unique limited-edition premium parfum brimming with confidence and personality.

It is non-binary and captures the 'essence of Taboo' in a bottle - fresh, challenging but comforting.

At the end of each year Taboo flex their creative muscles beyond traditional creative agency services, with a project or experience that gives the team the opportunity to showcase the vision and methodology of what makes Taboo unique.

Previous projects include Absinthe, Taboo performing as a band at the Esplanade and creating and operating a floating bar.

Each has been gifted to clients but this year the project has evolved into much more with the collaboration opening up the consumer market.

FRAGRANT DISREGARD is not for the faint hearted.

The scent and packaging encourages consumers to be themselves and not let anyone mould them - not even themselves.

The two fragrances are MOOD 01: Sharp tongued, mysterious and dark and MOOD 02: Ripe, dangerous and seductive.

The limited stock will be available on the Taboo website at $150 each, just in time for last minute panic Christmas buying.

"Smell is the one sense we value the least, but it’s crucial for our sense of self. It is an intensely personal experience - we depend on it for our understanding of the world and one another," Taboo director of brand development and innovation Reece Hobbins says.

"We wanted to explore our sense of smell and how it’s linked to our identity with the two FRAGRANT DISREGARD scents, while taking the TABOO approach to product development & design.

"Creating a TABOO product in collaboration with MetaScent means we needed to challenge what the norms are within the category.

"Removing gender, avoiding hyper-sexualization and being brutally honest about packaging and the language used to sell something you can only experience in person."

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