TAB's app heads to space

30 July 2020

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi (NSW)
Media Agency: OMD

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M&C Saatchi and OMD worked with TAB on its app's space "Launch Launch".

Brands launch new products in all kinds of ways; this week, TAB boldly decided to do theirs from space, heralding the enhanced content, products and experience that are now available on a national scale with their Launch Launch.

It’s been a monumental two and a half years for TAB since the completion of the Tabcorp and Tatts Group merger.

Over this short period, the formerly Tatts Group run UBET business enjoyed a complete rebrand, while TAB was repositioned through the Long May We Play brand platform in all markets.

The space Launch Launch highlights TAB’s technical capabilities to Queenslanders, South Australians, Tasmanians and Territorians and now provides a consistent experience for customers betting with TAB anywhere in the country.

“We always aim to be bigger than the bet with TAB comms, now we’ve literally gone higher than the bet by joining the ranks of the world’s most ambitious brands," M&C Saatchi chief creative officer Cam Blackley says.

"The TAB App is now the first App in space where it’s less than optimal, but I guess that’s the point.”

Set to Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’ and reflecting on how the brilliance of the TAB App is simply wasted in space, but incredible on earth, the spot features hero products that are major updates for the audience, such as Venue Mode and US sport content, all stitched together with the familiar sounds of a space mission floating in the stratosphere.

"Taking the final step for our Queensland, South Australian, Tasmanian and NT customers, where they’ll join a TAB platform offering the best digital experience possible is really exciting for our business and customers alike," TAB EGM marketing, customer and product Luke Waldren says.

"The "Launch Launch" work from our M&C Saatchi team celebrates this in a way only TAB can. Long May We Play, everywhere in Australia (or in space)."

Working with OMD, the TV campaign will be supported through radio, press, digital, social and retail point of sale.

As part of the campaign, NASA has been challenged by the team to accept the TAB App at their space station, to demonstrate its prowess and stature.

Whether or not the team reaches them and their journey and bid for NASA stardom will be documented through a series of social pieces to help tell that story.

All of these elements help herald TAB as the first wagering brand to launch an app into the stratosphere.


Luke Waldren - EGM Marketing, Customer & Product
Kent Madders - Head of Brand and Marketing
John Vellis General Manager Media & Sponsorship
Martin McEnery - Marketing Manager, Product
Matthew Silk - Marketing Manager, Racing
Edward Keir - Marketing Coordinator - Sport

M&C Saatchi
Cam Blackley - Chief Creative Officer
Doug Hamilton - Creative Director
Chris Cheeseman - Head of Art
Matthew Harrington - Integrated Craft Designer
James Nielson - Senior Designer
Lill Schroeder - Senior Broadcast Producer
Loren August - Head of Broadcast
Henry Welch - Associate Executive Producer
Russell Hopson - Group Managing Director
Nick Jacobs - Head of Strategy
Jasmina Porter - Group Head
Joshua Johns - Account Director
Kurt Griffin - Account Manager
Dean Trendler - Project Director

OMD, Australia

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