TAB asks Australians to help play find a way

18 May 2020

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The campaign will initially run across press and social channels.

TAB has launched its latest marketing campaign, asking Australia’s sports fans to 'help play find a way' by downloading the government’s COVIDSafe contact tracing app to help fast-track the return of sport.

With the government flagging a direct correlation between the number of Australians with the app and the further easing of restrictions, TAB wants to remind and encourage sports fans from across the nation that downloading the app is the quickest way to get back to watching the sport we all love and miss.

As the category leader, TAB wants to encourage sport and racing fans to put aside their differences – it’s not about the code you support, the team you barrack for or the horse you’re backing - it’s about getting back to the thing we miss most and that’s watching your favourite racing or sport with your favourite people.

“TAB believes in the power of sport to raise spirits in the community and provide a sense of fun and connection in challenging times; and these are certainly challenging times for so many Australians," Tabcorp managing director of wagering and media Adam Rytenskild says.

"Last year we relaunched the TAB brand campaign – Long May We Play. Never has this been more true, with Aussies craving their favourite sport and the ability to enjoy it with their mates, so we are encouraging as many people as possible to help play find a way."

The campaign will initially run across press and social channels with TAB hoping it encourages a further five million people to download the COVIDSafe app and bring sport back even quicker to a nation that misses it.

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