Swisse is powering Australian Olympic dreams

2 August 2016

Creative Agency: Noisy Beast

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Swisse is showcasing its relationship with the Australian Olympic Team and Australian Paralympic Team in its first ever 60-second commercial.

Swisse is working with Noisy Beast to feature 13 Olympic ambassadors in more than 45 commercials airing during The Games.

The ambassadors feature in the ad include swimming champions Cate Campbell and Bronte Campbell and high jumper Eleanor Patterson. From the Paralympic team, tennis star Dylan Alcott and cycler Alex Lisney made the ad.

The different spots aim to feature targeted messaging relevant to different athletes and their disciplines.

The voice over says: "Go the fastest, jump the highest. Be the best in the world."

Swisse director of sales and marketing Michael Howard says: “Rio 2016 is not only our largest, but also the most exciting, moving and powerful campaign we have created. Each and every one of our ambassadors are dedicated to being the very best they can be and we are proud to to power their Rio dreams and share their inspiring stories with the rest of the world."

As part of the ‘Powering Australian Olympic and Paralympic Dreams’ campaign Noisy Beast negotiated a partnership for Swisse as Channel 7’s official Olympic Broadcast partner.

Noisy Beast media director Mark Bennett says: "The dynamic nature of athletes, time zones and when gold medals are won means that from a media buying point of view, we’ll be watching every moment – powering through on not much sleep and ensuring our always on approach is just that. It’s a huge and ongoing effort from the team, and a hugely exciting project to be a part of.”

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