Sportsbet brings back Elite Average Games with Gary Flynn

8 March 2021

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Developed by Sportsbet's in-house team, in collaboration with production partner Palomina, the latest campaign features six new sporting events and locations.

Sportsbet has unveiled its latest campaign featuring the Elite Average Games and the ever-popular Aussie larrikin Gary Flynn, the Wheelie Bin Sprint champion.

Developed by Sportsbet's in-house team, in collaboration with production partner Palomina, the latest campaign features six new sporting events and locations and is the second iteration of Sportsbet's Elite Average Games (EAG) brand platform.

Building on last year's humorous spots, and once again engaging the voices of well-known sports broadcaster James Brayshaw and comedian Nick Cody, this year's Elite Average Games brings to life several new events, including Paper Toss, Rhythmic Spillnastics, Beach Shade Wrestling, Reverse Park, Dog Ball Throw and Bindi Walk.

"We always aim to connect with our audience through fun and humour," Sportsbet head of brand and advertising Jason Thatcher says. 

"And there's no better way to deliver that message than with our Elite Average Games campaign, which celebrates everyday Aussies performing in everyday events on the big stage, showing us how to make it look easy with Sportsbet."

In this year's Elite Average Games, the Paper Toss gets elevated to a basketball style event with players on court in office chairs and basketball legend Andrew Gaze making a cameo appearance as coach.

Then there's a wrestler on a mat grappling with the task of folding up a beach shade in the Beach Shade Wrestling and finally an Aussie reversing his ute and jet-ski in a perfect manoeuvre taking home the gold in the Reverse Park event.

"For the second year running that global sporting event with the rings we're not allowed to mention by name could be cancelled, so we didn't think twice about bringing back the Elite Average Games and increasing Australia's quota of gold medals," Sportsbet creative director Rambo Goraya says.

"Others may opt to wheel out Hollywood A-listers but the sight of Fabian Frotheez wowing the crowd in the Rhythmic Spillnastics and signing Wheelie Bin champ Gary Flynn as a Sportsbet ambassador felt more our speed.

"A big congrats to all our Elite Average Games' champions. They're the real stars."

Paper Toss launched February 28 across, FTV, PTV and digital and is followed by new spots launching each Sunday through to March 28.

The integrated campaign comprises 11 brand and product 30-second TVCs and is supported by other elements including eight product 15-second bespoke edits across social media; national radio; OOH; and major press.

"Sportsbet loves to hero the everyday legend and 2020's Elite Average Games proved extremely relatable and popular not only with our target audience, but those outside of it as well," Sportsbet GM of marketing Tim Hernadi says.

"It's big and engaging but most of all it underlines the Aussie fun and spirit of just having a crack."

The tongue-in-cheek spots will be aired across various channels for up to 12 months.

Client/Creative - Sportsbet
Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Migliorini
Group Manager of Marketing, Tim Hernadi
Head of Brand, Jason Thatcher
Head of Partnerships and Content, Kathy Schokman
Head of Content Production, Dan Atkins
Creative Director, Raman Goraya
Copywriters: Chris Chard, Shaun Conroy, Hammy Goodman
Campaign Manager, Olivia Ferrary
Campaign Manager, Isaac McCallum

Production Partner: Palomina
Production Producer, Kate Merrin
Brand Producer, Rachel Gilkison
Director, Matt Weston
DOP, Marty Smith
Production Designer, Lucinda Thompson
Editor, Jon Holmes

Sound, Final Sound

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