Specsavers hides eyesight test in latest ad

7 May 2018

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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This could be the world’s very first eye test in an advertisement, Cummins&Partners creative director Chris Ellis says.

Specsavers has released its newest instalment to the 'Should’ve Gone to Specsavers' ad series, ‘Cubby House’, which includes an actual eye test that viewers can take part in.

Created with Cummins&Partners and containing over 15 deliberate mistakes, Specsavers is calling on the public to test their sight and tell the eye care provider exactly how many errors they can detect.

‘Cubby House’ follows a father's attempt to create a new play space, a magic princess dream castle, for his two young daughters. It features errors that include, disappearing moustaches, changing t-shirts and backwards printed newspapers.
The ad concludes with the father revealing the new playhouse, only to discover he has decorated Lenny the dog’s backyard kennel instead.

“The ad has been created to highlight the importance of sharp vision and if you can’t spot any mistakes, it’s time to visit your local Specsavers for an eye test," Specsavers marketing director Sarah McInnes says.

“We found an innovative way to take the strength of our Should’ve Gone to Specsavers platform to a new level by creating an interactive, fun and engaging experience for young and old."

The campaign rolls out across TV, online, social media and in over 376 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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