South Australian Tourism Commission kicks off campaign with Wagstaff and Steller

1 June 2020

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Pete Bryant, CEO of, and Mary Wagstaff, president of Wagstaff Media and Marketing, have announced a partnership through a program entitled #LoveWhereYouLive in support of longtime Wagstaff client, the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC).

The two companies have joined forces in creating this marketing program for recovery and inspiration focused on supporting domestic and international destinations and hotels.

Combined assets include a content-rich mobile-first platform dedicated to travel storytelling; seamless distribution to all major online social and marketing channels; superlative influencer connections; and more than five decades of combined experience in travel and destination marketing.

Initially focused on COVID-19 recovery, the program develops into a content-led celebratory program and is ultimately executed on-site, in the destination once international travel restrictions are lifted.

Steller and Wagstaff are offering a platform where South Australian operators and creatives can tell their stories, from their own backyards, informing and motivating travelers to visit in due time.

Based on the shared belief that travel and adventure are innate and necessary to a life well-lived, and seeking ways to support travel destinations and hotels post COVID-19, the teams partnered to create the program, #LoveWhereYouLiveSA, for SATC.

The program enrolls South Australia’s key thought leaders, influencers and creators to share stories about what they love in their hometowns.

These stories will be published through the Steller platform and multiple marketing touchpoints.

Hundreds of stories from noted influencers will be available globally and can be used by media, travel agents, tour operators and all stakeholders to create awareness and inspire visitation once travel restrictions are lifted.

“What makes South Australia unique is the state’s artisan offerings – it’s the true Australian experience,” SATC executive director of marketing Brent Hill says.

“Through this partnership, we will be able to share the South Australian experience, digitally, building awareness of our destination while the world recovers, and driving demand domestically and internationally, once we are all able to travel again.”

SATC was selected for this inaugural partnership because both Wagstaff and Steller possess deep appreciation for the destination.

“Digital content knows no boundaries, and a good story is never quarantined," Pete Bryant says.

"With Steller any South Australian can create, discover, save and share stories of favorite places with family, friends, neighbors and the world.”

Long revered as a spectacularly photogenic locale, with a tourism industry fueled by small operators providing one-of-a-kind wildlife, outback, and wine experiences, this Australian state was still recovering from recent Australian bushfires when COVID-19 stopped everything.

“It is our hope that in partnership with Steller we can inspire travelers everywhere with an intimate look at what South Australians love, and what will be worth visiting once the doors are re-opened,” Mary Wagstaff says.

The #LoveWhereYouLive program is available for other destinations as they begin to rebuild domestic tourism, and a Phase Two of the program will be introduced when travel restrictions are retracted.

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