Sheridan teases deep sleep via Fabric\TBWA

10 May 2022

Media Agency: OMD/Incubator

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Sheridan’s bedding accessories help with a restorative sleep.

Sheridan is providing a glimpse at what a deep sleep looks like in a campaign from Fabric\TBWA.

Open mouthed, twitching or lying in inelegant, the work is a sign of how Sheridan’s bedding accessories help customers fall into a deeply restorative, quality sleep.

Fabric\TBWA creative partner, Keenan Motto, said: “We wanted to explore and celebrate the uninhibited world our body enters when we are in deep sleep. With inhibitions thrown away, we captured our talent twitching, stretching and sinking into their beds in a way that was real, imperfect and natural”.

Australians can start on the path to experiencing real deep sleep by using an online interactive quiz which provides personalised recommendations from Sheridan’s bedding and accessory range to cater specifically to individuals’ needs for deep sleep.

Sheridan general manager of marketing, Renee Awadalla, said: “For decades the sleep category has perpetuated an image of sleep as serene, picture perfect, almost angelic. In actual fact, truly rewarding deep sleep can be quite the opposite.”

The campaign will appear on social, digital, OOH, eDM and in-store.


Client: Sheridan
General Manager Marketing: Renee Awadalla
Senior Marketing Manager: Stephanie Maule
Sheridan Internal GD & Marketing Team
Creative Agency: Fabric\TBWA
Director: Lester Jones
DOP: Campbell Brown
Photographer: Darren McDonald
Stylist: Kirsten Stanwix
Media Agencies: OMD/Incubator


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