Shazam and Kit Kat celebrate interactive packaging

11 May 2016

Advertiser: Nestle

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A new ad from Kit Kat is promoting its Shazamable packaging.

The ad celebrates the millions of Shazam-enabled Kit Kat bars, which give the chance for people to win the break of a lifetime.

To be in with a chance to win, consumers are invited to purchase any promotional Kit Kat, Shazam the packaging, go to the website and follow the prompts.

Nestle head of marketing Chris O’Donnell sasys: “The partnership between Kit Kat and Shazam shows how we can bring innovative and easy-to-use technology to consumers to enhance their break and delight them in new ways."

The promotion is being rolled out via Shazam-enabled packaging, TV commercials, digital marketing and social media, as part of a fully integrated campaign.

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