Seedlip teaches Australians that non-alcoholic drinks don't have to be boring

30 January 2020

Media Agency: Carat (NSW)

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The multi-channel campaign will roll-out across OOH, digital and POS and supported by PR and influencer by Poem.

Seedlip is saying ‘Bye Bye Boring’ and bucking the Australian cultural mentality that not drinking is boring, with its latest multi-channel campaign launching nationally today.

The campaign aims to further educate Aussie consumers on what to drink when they’re not drinking and the exciting options now available, supporting the shift in drinking culture.

Seedlip launched four years ago in the UK as the world’s first range of distilled non-alcoholic spirits and is now leading a global movement in offering consumers a greater range when it comes to non-alcoholic choices.

With the latest results from Roy Morgan showing there has been a steady consumption decline in the last five years across all major alcohol categories, Seedlip is solving boring by championing the mindful drinker and celebrating JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out).

“Australian’s are becoming increasingly focused on moderation and taking note in how best to balance health and lifestyle factors when it comes to getting more out of their day, month or year,” Seedlip Asia Pacific general manager Adam Ballesty says.

“Bye Bye Boring is a provocative campaign that calls out the previous underwhelming non-alcoholic options. Seedlip not only tastes fantastic, but with-it being alcohol free you can maximise your weekends. We’re thrilled to be working with our partners in Australia’s largest non-alcoholic campaign to date.”

The campaign leads with the simple words ‘Bye Bye Boring’, emphasising the growing trend that it is no longer boring to go out to the pub or restaurant and choose not to drink but it is boring to waste the weekend or have the day after dread.

The message reflects the brand’s tone of voice for the local market, supporting a greater focus on balance and wellness across everyday habits and occasions in 2020.


Seedlip has partnered with media agency, Carat, which has recognised the four distinct consumer tribes of the brand to identify the most effective channels and contexts to garner attention and impact for each tribe.

As a result, the campaign will be rolling out across metro out-of-home and digital partnerships with consumer street-press outlet, Broadsheet, and leading women’s platform, Mamamia, to place Seedlip top of mind amongst consumers for purchasing occasions.

“Our strategy team headed by Danni Wright have put together a scaled launch campaign in collaboration with our media partners to really introduce Seedlip to the Australian market," Carat ANZ CEO Sue Squillace says.

"We are thrilled to be involved with their team at the start of their journey in this market.”

Seedlip founder and CEO Ben Branson says he is thrilled to launch the brand's first Australian campaign.

"To see Seedlip go from strength to strength across multiple markets has been a very proud moment," Branson says.

"When I look back at what we’ve achieved in just four years as the pioneer of the non-alcoholic movement, I know we are still just scratching the surface in the potential of the category and this campaign will take us another step closer to our aim of making sophisticated non-alcoholic options as relevant as their alcoholic counterparts. Watch this space!”

The multi-channel campaign will roll-out across OOH, digital and POS and supported by PR and influencer by Poem.

Media agency: Carat
Media partners: Broadsheet and Mamamia
Outdoor media partner: QMS Media
PR & Influencer agency: Poem

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