Seafolly and Thinkerbell launch ‘Own Your Folly’

18 September 2019

Advertiser: Seafolly
Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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“We decided it was about time we invested in building a stronger brand narrative."

Seafolly has partnered with Thinkerbell to create a central brand idea that encapsulates the confidence of women living life on their own terms, whilst not taking themselves too seriously.

The campaign is all about the mischief and freedom that comes from our Australian attitude. Through fashion and fit, Seafolly gives women the confidence to own it.

This confidence can be traced back to 1975 and Seafolly’s founder, Peter Halas, whose folly was to follow his heart and start his own swimwear company. Against all odds, Peter’s folly took off and the brand Seafolly was born.

The brand’s new communications strategy is transforming around the platform idea of ‘Own Your Folly’.

“We decided it was about time we invested in building a stronger brand narrative. Women today want to belong to brands that liberate them to embrace who they are and share their beliefs," Seafolly CMO Adriane McDermott says.

"The Own Your Folly campaign does just that, in a playful way. It allowed us to break our own rules to remind women what the benefit of great fit can do for their inner confidence.”


Working with Playtime director Gracie Otto and photographer Amanda Fordyce, Thinkerbell created a campaign that will roll out across TV, cinema, retail screens, bus megasides, billboards, and YouTube.

“Seafolly has a rich history and has been around for so many generations, it’s uniquely Australian," Otto says.

"For me, Own Your Folly means not caring what anyone else thinks and just owning whatever it is you want to do. I love working with women and loved bringing this to life.”

The campaign will also extend into social where Seafolly will encourage women to tag themselves and their friends throughout summer sharing moments of ‘folly’.

Brand: Seafolly
Agency: Thinkerbell
Social Agency: One Green Bean
Media Agency: Havas
Production: Photoplay/Playtime

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