News Corp launches Schools Hub tool

16 September 2019

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All News Corp mastheads will provide access to the data about every school in Australia exclusively for subscribers.

News Corp Australia has launched Schools Hub, a data-rich comparison tool to allow parents to learn more about every school in the nation.

Supported by an editorial and marketing campaign across every metro, major regional and local News Corp publication, Schools Hub will offer parents insights about schools from around the around the nation.

Schools Hub will form part of a new education vertical to include curriculum advice, expert tips for parents, University and TAFE news as well as the latest school and education news.

In a first for News Corp Australia, all metropolitan, major regional and local mastheads will provide access to the data exclusively for subscribers.

It will be released in chapters over three months ahead of it becoming an annual fixture on the nation’s education calendar.

The first chapter will explore student-teacher ratios in classrooms, enrolments and school capacity.

Chapter two, to be revealed in October, will deep dive into attendance while chapter three, published in November-December, will put school funding, income and fees under the spotlight.

Executive editor Kathy Lipari says Schools Hub will unlock a range of insights, from highly specialised hyper-local comparisons between local schools through to state-wide and national perspectives.

“Schools Hub’s sheer scale reflects the fact you won’t find a community anywhere in Australia where our kids’ education isn’t a priority and this makes it particularly relevant for all of our audiences simultaneously,” Lipari says.

“Embedding data and analytics into our everyday decision-making including in our journalism makes us even more accountable to our audiences and customers. The value we deliver is measurable.

“The fact is we reach some 16 million people across Australia every month, with our digital assets alone reaching some 10 million Australians."

The campaign is supported by a multi-platform, integrated marketing strategy across News Corp Australia’s digital brands, including Kidspot and Kids News, as well as print, radio, out-of-home advertising and social media.

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