Sam Groth stars in campaign for Defence Force Recruiting

25 January 2016

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Pilots go head-to-head with Australia’s fastest tennis server. They didn’t stand a chance.

Defence Force Recruiting has launched a new content series for the Australian Air Force which puts air force pilots up against Australia’s fastest tennis server, Sam Groth. The series examines the ‘science of achievement’ as part of a partnership between Dentsu Mitchell, Tennis Australia and Network Seven.

The Ground Up, starring tennis legend Todd Woodbridge, shows what happens when Groth goes against the best pilots in the world in a battle of physical and cognitive stamina.

In the video, Groth serves up his famous serve. Non-surprisingly, they don’t get a chance to return the grand slam. The pilots take Groth to their comfort zone – the air. His heart rate rises and during the loop-the-loop move, it looked as if Groth was almost a-gonna.

After a week on Facebook, the video has more than 395 000 views, 2,300 likes and 400 shares.

The campaign launched ahead of Sam Groth’s first game in the Australian Open, and content has been featured in the arena, in broadcast on Channel Seven and across digital and social platforms throughout the tournament.


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