Remedy tells sugar to get Fruct

31 October 2018

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

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Remedy aims to shake up the fizzy drink market for the better.

Remedy Kombucha has partnered with AJF Partnership in a ploy to encourage consumers to avoid sugary drinks and instead indulge in the healthy alternative of their products

Founded by Sarah and Emmet Condon in 2012, Remedy has grown to become Australia’s leading kombucha brand.

The brand advocates their product’s lack of sugar and benefits aiding digestion health and aims to alter the drinks landscape within the Australian market.

Remedy Kombucha marketing manager Laura Hindson says believes Remedy can shake fizzy drinks up for the better.

“Unhealthy, sugary drinks have dominated fridges and shelves for far too long and we’re not afraid to call them out on it. We want to make it right," she says.

AJF Partnership executive creative director and partner Josh Stephens says: “This campaign is about people choosing a soft drink that’s better for them.

“When you have a product that’s made right and for the right reasons, it’s exciting to be able to bring that to life in a cheeky and irreverent way.”

The campaign launches this week in out of home extensions across Australia and New Zealand.

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