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11 May 2022

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Don't wrestle for your money.

KPMG Creative has developed an integrated advertising campaign for multi-award-winning category leading investment app and financial services platform Raiz.

Raiz is positioned as the tool for smart investors, by telling the stories of non Raiz customers who go to extreme lengths to save and invest,.

It aims to encourage those who are concerned about their financial wellbeing to “Raiz their game” by using the Raiz app to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, and save and invest this money.

At the heart of the campaign are three films: Wrestler, Waxed and Voodoo – which will run over the duration of the campaign across Seven West Media Assets.

Brendan Malone, Joint Group CEO of Raiz says: “This campaign is the next stage in growth for Raiz Invest (ASX:RZI) as we are focused on the fact that younger Australians are becoming increasingly investment savvy and looking for new ways to save and invest.

"We were impressed with the previous work of the KPMG Creative team and their breadth of knowledge about consumer behaviour, category and competition. We wanted a bold creative solution which will encourage people to learn more about how Raiz can help them – and this campaign emphasises the importance of how Raiz helps customers to save and invest.”

Sudeep Gohil, Partner, KPMG Customer Advisory: “With lockdowns disappearing and restrictions lifting spending behaviours have started to change and more individuals are looking for smart ways to save and invest money.

"This campaign is based around the simple idea that there is a better way to save and invest, and has been devised to position Raiz as the answer.

"The goal of the campaign is to help Raiz to continue to grow its number of users, which jumped significantly over the period of the pandemic.

"Young Australians are becoming more interested in investing of all types, and we wanted to highlight that Raiz’s round up feature allows users to add cents on purchases and then invest in a portfolio of their choice – a simple and effective way to save and invest.”

The campaign runs for twelve months and was created by KPMG Creative, in collaboration with Andy DiLallo and Steve Jackson (Milk & Honey), and directed by Paul Middleditch.



· George Lucas: Managing Director & Joint Group CEO

· Brendan Malone: Joint Group CEO

· Queenie Ling: Global Growth & Marketing Lead

· Grant Brits: Head of Operations


Agency: KPMG Creative

· Sudeep Gohil: Partner

· Naren Sanghrajka: Director

· Jaime Marin: Associate Director

· Mary Perebzak: Associate Director

· Sammy Stack: Consultant

· Kon Marinis: Head of Creative

· Tim Haynes – Design Director

· Andy DiLallo - Creative, Milk & Honey

· Steve Jackson - Creative, Milk & Honey

· Rene Shalala: Senior Producer


Production Company: Plaza Content

· Director: Paul Middleditch

· Executive Producer: Peter Masterton

· DOP: Danny Rhulman

· Editor: Stuart Morley, The Editors

· Music & Sound: Squeak E. Clean

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