Qantas Health Insurance unveils new miniature world via SLIK

6 April 2021

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The campaign launched with a 30-second spot for video on demand and YouTube pre-roll placements.

With many campaigns typically taking the ‘happy families’ route, Qantas Health Insurance wanted to stand out by doing something different and unexpected for an insurance company.

With a draft script in hand, creative agency SLIK stepped in to develop a whole new visual approach for the brand.

The selling points of health insurance can get a bit dry. So, SLIK created a fun, stop-motion world where tiny characters bring big benefits to life in a light-hearted and charming way.

From hiking across calendars to sliding down stethoscopes, the characters introduced benefits like waived waiting periods, bonus Qantas Points and being backed by nib.

The campaign launched with a 30-second spot for video on demand and YouTube pre-roll placements.

SLIK teamed with Photoplay Films x Playtime to create over 140 miniature figurines for the campaign. More than 1,400 frames were meticulously shot and retouched, showing just how much effort goes into stop-motion.

"Our approach for this campaign took the Qantas brand in a new and exciting direction, and we’re really pleased with how it turned out," SLIK creative director Alex Schieder says.

"It sets a new tone for the insurance portfolio.”

The campaign has so far rolled out over VOD, YouTube, social media, radio, print and digital display.

Client: Qantas Health Insurance
Jacqueline Barham: Head of Marketing, Insurance & Money
Jasmine Shillington: Senior Marketing Manager, Qantas Insurance
Cabrini Broderick: Marketing Manager, Qantas Insurance

Creative agency: SLIK
Alex Schieder: Creative Director
Sophia East: Creative Copywriter
Francesco Piazzoni: Head of Production
Kiah Carter: Digital Producer
Designer: Eva Harbridge
Head of Motion: Sam Grant

Production company: Photoplay Films x Playtime
Director: DROPBEAR
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Producer: Tom Slater
Producer: Brendan Lee

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