PetMe uses AI to find you your ideal rescue dog

27 August 2018

Creative Agency: DDB Sydney

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PetMe uses a database of over 9000 rescue dogs and the hashtag #petme to match you with your dream dog

DDB Sydney and PetRescue have combined to create PetMe, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform capable of analysing dog photos on Instagram and finding similar dogs available for adoption.

Prompted by anyone posting a dog photo with the hashtag #petme, the AI system will identify the breed, size, coat and more of the dog in the photo and scour its database for the closest match, automatically commenting a link to an available dog.

While dogs are extremely popular on social media, with many the subject of dedicated Instagram accounts with millions of followers, rescue dogs don’t receive much publicity and often struggle to find a new owner.

DDB and PetRescue’s solution is to simplify the adoption process by directing people straight to available dogs of their favourite breed.

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