OVO claims the telco high ground in latest work

9 April 2019

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The brand’s latest work taps into the dissatisfaction around telcos.

OVO wants Australian mobile customers to know fairness shouldn't be a dirty word for telcos.

Launching this week, the radio and outdoor-led campaign targets people who are unhappy and dissatisfied with their telco.

Playing on the idea of fairness being a dirty word, the campaign asks "A telco that gives a F*?".

OVO chief marketing officer Nicole McInnes says the telco is trying to show people that being on a mobile contract in 2019 is a bad deal.

“Trust in telcos is up there with the likes of banks, so this campaign was designed to make sure people knew there was an alternative that does care," she says.

"A telco can be fair, flexible and even fun, in fact we designed OVO that way. And these latest round of changes further demonstrates our commitment to a positive set of eff words OVO customers gets to experience everyday, not just the day they join.”



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