Opera and Alfa hit the right note

15 June 2015

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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An opera singer sings a lap of a racetrack by replicating the exhaust note of an Alfa Romeo to celebrate the brand's 105th anniversary.

'The Performance Piece' campaign, by Cummins&Partners see an opera singer use the tachometer of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV TCT as sheet music as she sings a lap of a racetrack.

Cummins&Partners partner Jim Ingram said the campaign is designed to represent the brand platform in Australia, 'the romance of performance.'

"Alfa Romeo has a rich history of racing performance and Italian style," Ingram said. "This idea brings those two things together in a way that really does take your senses for a ride. 

Fiat Chrysler senior advertising manager Ashlin Morre said: “Alfa Romeo has a rich Italian history, pairing it with opera through technology is a perfect fit for one of the world’s most emotive and evolving brands”.

The Performance Piece will roll out as an online content piece supported by TV, digital, PR, point-of-sale and in-dealer events.

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