Open Colleges asks 'What’s your calling' via Bohemia

19 December 2017

Creative Agency: Bohemia Group

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Open Colleges tells the emotional stories of its students have chosen to pursue healthcare, aged care and disability industries.

Bohemia launches What’s your Calling in creative partnership with Australia’s leading online educator Open Colleges.

The new campaign marks the official re-brand of the new School of Health in Perth and Adelaide.

The new campaign shines a light on why people enter the healthcare, aged care and disability industries using real-life case studies to share stories of what attracted them to a career in these industries and to encourage others to find their purpose.

Open Colleges School of Health CEO Alexis Watt says: “In conversation with our students, we repeatedly discovered that they were attracted to these industries through either a personal experience or an intrinsic desire to care for others. With a myriad of powerful stories at our fingertips, we decided to pose the question – What’s your calling?

“We believe this approach to the campaign supported by the images of real-life School of Health students finding their true calling and following their passion, will help inspire those interested in a career in caring.

The What’s your calling campaign commences in Adelaide and Perth.


Media Planning: Mark Echo, Alex Connell, Josh Harrison, Bohemia Group
Creative and Design: Leanne Serra and Benjie Wales, Open Colleges
Branding and Marketing Strategy: Nick Coulman, Open Colleges
Social Media Strategy: Lauren Tasker, Open Colleges

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