Odd couples unite over burning love for Nando’s hot sauce

20 September 2016

Advertiser: Nandos

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Don’t agree on getting married? Forget to put down the toilet seat? Don’t worry – because if you both love Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce, your relationship is safe…

Nando’s has launched three ads showcasing the relationship unity Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce can create. The tongue in cheek ads centre on the theme of odd couples, proving bizarre relationship differences can be overlooked if they both share a love for Nandos.

The spots star three couples who disagree on the small stuff, such as their parenting methods, their wedding and even a pair who don’t speak the same language, giving a nod to the brand’s Portuguese culture. Each couple is at a different stage of their life, representing Nando’s diverse range of customers.

The campaign is a continuation from the 2015 Find Your Match tagline, which matched people to their sauce personality to find ‘love at first bite’.

Nando's brand manager Stefani Dethan says the ads aim to further position Nandi’s Peri-Peri sauce as a mainstream condiment that belongs in every kitchen.

“Traditionally, the chilli sauce segment has been driven by a ‘how hot can you handle it’ mentality that focuses on heat and burn,” says Dethan.

“Our research tells us flavour is equally as important to our market. This campaign highlights the range of Nando’s PERi-PERi Sauce heat levels, proving there’s something to suit all tastes and gives everyone reason to add something exciting to their dish.”

The ad campaign kicks off today through a concentrated online campaign across TV, online video and Facebook and will run until mid-November.


Managing Director – Laurence Morris
Brand Manager – Stefani Dethan
Marketing Assistant – Conley Browne
Executive Creative Director – Jane Eakin
Deon Wigget - Director

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