NRMA and Imagination Australia set off on a great Aussie road trip

11 March 2020

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NRMA is celebrating 100 years with a six-location Bright Futures tour.

To commemorate its centenary this year, NRMA has embarked on a regional tour of NSW – aiming to bring communities together and help shape ‘Bright Futures’ for all, developed and delivered with experience agency Imagination Australia.

Launched 100 years after the NRMA was formed, the six-location Bright Futures tour kicked off at the North Byron Parklands last month and featured performances from some of Australia’s top musicians including Kasey Chambers and Richard Clapton.

However, rather than a celebration of the brand’s history, the Bright Futures tour focuses on the NRMA’s commitment to helping communities by inviting the public to share their thoughts about regional challenges (such as drought, tourism, flooding, and more) and hear their thoughts around solutions for a more sustainable future.

In addition to this, with the recent Australian Bushfire Crisis severely affecting regional NSW, the tour aims to motivate tourists to visit the Bright Futures events (and beyond), thereby bringing much-needed visitors back to communities that are currently doing it tough.

Imagination has worked closely with NRMA to develop a range of activities and experiences for each event, incorporating the dynamic artwork of Stephen Mok, whose designs have been turned into large-scale monuments to create a fun homage to the ‘big’ tourist attractions that Australia is famous for.

The travelling tour offers attendees the chance to explore classic cars from NRMA’s past, plus electric charging vehicles and driverless cars of tomorrow, along with family friendly activities including a community mural and free, live musical performances.

Most importantly, these events are about starting conversations, so there are several opportunities included for the community to come together and listen, as well as share their own ideas.

Concluding in June 2020, the NRMA Bright Futures tour will help shine a light on the issues and challenges that different NSW communities face, with an aim to find and share ways that we can all help to build a better, brighter tomorrow.

Next up, the Bright Futures tour will visit:
Tamworth: Sat March 14 and Sun March 15
Kiama: Sat April 4 and Sun April 5
Wagga Wagga: Sat April 18 and Sun April 19
Queanbeyan: Sat May 2 and Sun May 3
Parramatta: Sat June 6 and Sun June 7

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