Hulsbosch creates brand identity for Coles skincare range

11 March 2020

Advertiser: Coles
Creative Agency: Hulsbosch - Communication by Design

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The agency has also created a national advertising campaign for the range.

Australian supermarket chain Coles has launched a new brand identity and product positioning for a premium tier soap and body range as part of a category revitalisation program created by Hulsbosch.

Named KOi, the contemporary skincare range is Australian made and has a brand story founded in distinctive ‘free from’ harmful ingredient credentials with 100% naturally-derived botanicals and essential oils.

“The craftsmanship and commitment that goes into every KOi product, knowing only the best, natural ingredients have been used, is real value for our cost-conscious market and articulates our belief in beauty for the everyday," Coles Own Brand head of marketing Belinda Anderson says.

“Customers are drawn to active, pure ingredient combinations for optimal skin care that also considers the environment. KOi is a natural escape from the everyday.”

Together with Coles, Hulsbosch embarked on a six-month in-depth research program to develop the KOi brand philosophy and strategy, drive creative direction and steer the overall brand vision for a high-quality, aspirational skincare brand delivered to Coles retail operations.

“Coles have unique capabilities to make connections that bond people to brands; this is our only focus for clients," Hulsbosch senior account director Eils Robertson says.

"KOi exemplifies data-led brand formulation. KOi is a compelling brand story, expressed as innovative brand architecture. It can stretch across multiple products and our intriguing; disruptive designs can break through the category.”

Hulsbosch created ‘Escape Naturally’ tagline which underpins the brand strategy and is a creative foundation for an appealing narrative across the full lifecycle of the range.

KOi brand assets feature a distinct black-on-white master brand logo and packaging for product communications utilise simple, variant colour-driven hero graphics that convey a fragrant, luxurious personal care experience.

To enhance product recognition two primary base illustrations, a Rainforest and Tropical pattern, are key visual links across the six-part KOi product range. For scent variants, two additional design elements hero the eight main essences of KOi.

The new KOi Soap and Body range is currently on shelf at Coles stores around Australia and are launched with an extensive national press advertising campaign created and produced by Hulsbosch.

Hans Hulsbosch: Executive Creative Director
Mikey Hart: Creative Director
Grace Brown: Senior Designer
Olivia Walton: Designer
Vivienne Buls: Studio Manager
Jaid Hulsbosch: Director
Eils Robertson: Senior Account Director
Mari Stroh: Account Manager

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