Nike launches content mini-series on YouTube

3 February 2016

Advertiser: Nike

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Watch out Netflix, Nike is creeping into your territory.

Nike has launched its own original eight-part series that follows the story of two adopted sisters, Margot and Lily, on their pursuit to swap lives.

In the trailer, it’s obvious the two are total opposites, with Lily being a fitness vlogger with 900,000 followers but no friends and Margot living a more sedentary lifestyle of video games and sweat pants.

The series plays on sibling rivalry, with each sister wanting to be the best at the other’s life to win the bet.

The mini-series is part of Nike’s initial ‘Better for It’ campaign that was released in April last year. This latest edition is a very different direction to what we usually see from the brand, using native advertising with little product placement.

The first episode, ‘Resolutions’, is now available on YouTube with an episode being made live every week for eight weeks. So far the debut episode has reached over 500,000 views.

The series is a collaboration between Wieden + Kennedy and the makers of the film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.


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