Nike hopes to cause a ripple in golf circles

7 April 2015

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Nike's new brand film explores the role inspiration plays in golf, from Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy.

Many argue that the baton has been passed from Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy in recent times, but a new brand film from Nike, titled "Ripple", chronicles the inspiration Woods gave to a young McIlroy as he took the first steps on his journey.

Partially filmed at McIlroy's family home in Northern Ireland, the film takes in a young McIlroy watching Tiger Woods' first steps in his professional golf journey.

The film also chronicles the journey of McIlroy from a talented youngster to lining up alongside Woods.

"As a kid, I looked up to Tiger,” said McIlroy, who hit a 40-yard drive at the age of two. “When I first saw him on TV, I remember being completely enamoured by the energy he brought to the sport. His will to win. His determination. His fight.”

“I’ve been in that same situation,” said Woods. “Growing up, Jack [Nicklaus] was my idol. My first recollection of The Masters was 1986, when Jack won. I remember him making a putt at 17 and lifting that putter up.”

“Fourteen years later at the 2000 PGA Championship, I got to play with and against him – someone I looked up to.”

The film ends with McIlroy lining up alongside Woods in a professional tournament.

The film was created by Weiden+Kennedy, and both a one-minute and two-minute version will show on the US Golf Channel and ESPN.

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