Nicheliving offers stimulus package to Western Australians

21 April 2020

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The first major campaign under new head of marketing Matt Doherty has delivered 130% more sales enquiries in its first week.

Western Australia’s largest medium density property developer, Nicheliving, has launched its own 2020 Stimulus Package enabling prospective home buyers to receive up to $50,000 in supporting their purchase of a new home or investment property with Nicheliving.

The package is aimed at supporting WA jobs within the property and construction industry.

This is the first major campaign under Matt Doherty who joined the company in February as head of marketing and was previously a national marketing manager with Coles in Melbourne.

"We are a proud West Aussie company and proud to support the WA building community for over 18 years and always looking at new ways to support both WA jobs and the local community to make the process of buying a house as seamless and affordable as possible,” Doherty says.

The 2020 stimulus campaign features Nicheliving’s long term brand ambassador Ryan Campbell delivering a heartfelt message to the WA audience and pulling together to support WA jobs and the WA building industry.

It also provided the brand the opportunity to launch their new local branding showing proudly WA for over 18 years and promote their love of local.

Doherty says the company wanted to "step up" the delivery of its message to consumers and focus the values of the business instead of a traditional price driven message.

"Our customer base now more than ever will look local and want to help do their bit for the community hence our new launch of our Proudly WA logo and our new Support Local logo," he says.

"Over the years I have been involved in a lot of research and customer listening sessions across each state and the data leads towards WA consumers being one of the most loyal to local brands hence the focus on our new creative assets and drive on local activity.

"I love the 1%ers in all marketing activity as these are the things the customer will appreciate even if they don’t directly know it as well as being highly relevant in both market and consumer needs and this new campaign allows our brand to talk directly to the customer while showcasing our brand identity."

Nicheliving managing director Ronnie Michel-Elhaj says the company saw sales enquiries jump 130% in the campaign's first week in market compared to the previous week's activity.

The Facebook video of the commercial has had over 300,000 views in seven days with the YouTube video has had an impressive 23% full view rate.

"We have been inundated with comments from social media, suppliers and the general public thanking us for our support for WA jobs and helping homeowners with making their purchase more affordable," Michel-Elhaj says.

"This campaign is not like any other property advertising currently in the market and is focused on supporting everyone across WA from builders, trades people, first home owners and even investors which will ensure a flow on effect across other property areas as we know the importance of supporting the local community.

“Given the current world situation, having access to our Stimulus Package provides people with an affordable way to purchase property and allows us to help them with financial assistance and purchasing their home ahead of the predicted market upswing when conditions change, Perth’s property market is still strong."

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