News Corp, TripADeal in $1 million giveaway

29 August 2019

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News Corp Australia says the deal is expected to drive an increase in retail sales while also generating subscription leads for its mastheads.

Online travel agency TripADeal is giving away a $1 million travel voucher to one News Corp Australia reader.

The campaign is being supported by a multi-channel push, including print, digital, TV, radio and out of home.

For a chance to win the voucher, which can be used over five years, participants need a daily code word published in one of 28 participating News Corp Australia newspapers over 15 days from 7 September.

“This is the biggest initiative we’ve ever undertaken to boost our brand and our unique offering,” Rich Johnston, co-founder of TripADeal, says.

“We aim to increase brand awareness, inspire people to go travelling with TripADeal and generate talkability across the country and around the world. We hope people will actively share this competition with friends and family, to increase their chances of winning and be invited along to enjoy the prize.

A News Corp survey of 5000 consumers found Australians take 2.4 holidays a year; 72% of Australians recently went on a holiday, 73% are actively researching a holiday and 74% who recently travelled are actively researching their next holiday.

“The TripADeal $1 Million promotion offers added value to our audiences across Australia, and due to its exclusivity, its expected to drive an increase in retail sales, while also generating subscription leads for our mastheads,” Ben English, editor of The Daily Telegraph says.

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