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25 October 2016

Creative Agency: Isobar

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PayPal wants to change how people searched for and find the perfect gift this Christmas.

PayPal is encouraging Aussies to shop off the beaten path with a new marketing campaign. It aims to help people discover gifts they didn’t know existed from more than 100 Australian small businesses this Christmas. 

The campaign, developed by Isobar, Edelman and Vizeum, was inspired by the insight that shopping against large crowds at Christmas time can make the time of celebrating a time of stress.

In response to this angst many Australians resort to buying the predictable presents each year because they run out of time and energy.

PayPal’s ‘Shop Off The Beaten Path’ addresses this by offering an online portal that helps Australian shoppers connect with Australian merchants.

The portal is a ‘search engine for the perfect gift’ using categories such as bespoke, beautiful, geeky, quirky, adventurous and trending.

PayPal marketing director Elaine Herlihy says: “Many of us are time-poor at Christmas yet we still want to give unique and special gifts that our friends and family will love. This year we wanted to break the cycle of forgettable gifts by doing something we haven’t done before. We wanted to change ‘how’ people searched for and found the perfect gift.

“Our Shop Off The Beaten Path portal offers an easy way to find those amazing gifts while at the same time supporting local businesses so every shopper can find something special for the people they love.”

The campaign is socially-led, keeping in line with PayPal’s mobile-first approach.

“The campaign combines two things we are deeply proud of – our local merchants and a frictionless online shopping experience. By making it easier to find the perfect gift and promoting innovative Australian small businesses, we’re hoping that Shop Off The Beaten Path will mean this Christmas is even more memorable than the last,” Herlihy says.


Client: PayPal Australia
Digital: Isobar Australia
Public Relations: Edelman Australia
Social Media: Edelman Australia and Isobar Australia
Media: Vizeum Australia

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