NEC celebrates 50th anniversary with virtual conference via 3rdspace

7 July 2020

Creative Agency: 3rdspace

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Underbelly's Matt Nable stars in the launch film.

2020 marked NEC’s 50th anniversary in Australia and to celebrate it had a large-scale event and face-to-face conference planned.

Due to COVID-19, the physical event was unable to occur so the brand teamed up with content company 3rdspace to create an ambitious, free, real-time virtual event entitled Immersion+ 2020.

Designed as a masterclass in future value creation for customers and citizens, Immersion+ will be staged on July 22 and will evolve as a content platform.

To launch Immersion+, 3rdspace enlisted the talent of Matt Nable, star of the TV series Underbelly, the block-buster feature Arrow and the highlyacclaimed Fell.

In a bid to reflect the isolation so many have been experiencing in recent months, Nable and the 3rdspace production crew ventured to one of the most beautifully isolated places in Australia, Lake Tyrrell in Victoria, to shoot the conference launch film.

“The extreme beauty and rawness of the location, combined with futuristic ‘technology’ light boxes and Matt Nable’s performance, showcases our commitment to and responsibility around future value creation for both business and society,” says David Borean, NEC Australia executive general manager, brand and customer experience.

3rdspace director Rob Logan says Nable's presence in this environment reflects the brand personality of NEC: "adventurous with a sense of reassuring confidence".

"The narrative underscores the importance of stepping up and taking a long hard look at what can be achieved when we combine the best of humanity with technology,” Logan says.

Immersion+ will be a flexible event; attendees are able to watch, download and interact online with a wide range of thought leaders through the day.

“We’re delighted with the amount of interest we’ve generated, and the hundreds of registrations we’ve already had to Immersion+,” Borean says.

“We look forward to giving attendees the opportunity to not only hear from this world-leading group of speakers, but also to interact with them on the day – and in the coming 12 months, as part of their Immersion+ Club membership.”

Head of content: Rob Logan
Client Services manager: Madeleine Lourey
Creative Director: Paul Tilley
Director: Nick Hansen
Producer: Jaz Lumsdaine
DOP: Robb Cox
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Sound Engineer: Mitch Calladine

NEC Australia:
General Manager Brand and Customer Experience: David Borean
National Marketing Manager: Kylie Smith
Events Co Ordinator: Lauren Browne
Corporate Comms Manager: Roger White
Graphic Designer & Innovation Centre Co-ordinator: Luke Myers

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