Mondeléz first brand to partner with Snapchat for targeted lenses

23 October 2017

Advertiser: Mondelez
Media Agency: Carat (NSW)

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Mondeléz is the first Australian brand to use a new feature from Snapchat that allows brands to target audiences with specific lenses.

Mondeléz has partnered with Snapchat in promotion of its Sour Patch Kids range for Halloween.

The partnership marks the first brand in Australia to use Snapchat's newest functionality - demo-targeted Audience Lenses.

The new feature enables Mondeléz to target individuals with a range of spooky face lenses.

To date, Snapchat lenses in Australia have only been available to advertisers for purchase as a nationwide takeover.

The lens activation will run in the lead up to Halloween – targeted at people 14-24, in a campaign created in conjunction with Mondeléz’s media agency, Carat.

Campaigns will now be able to be targeted based on a number of key demo factors, which Snapchat says will significantly improve precision for advertisers.

Snapchat breaks down its audience by factors including age, gender and user's viewing habits in Discover and Our Stories.

The Snapchat activity is part of a wider campaign from Sour Patch Kids that includes YouTube pre rolls and ads rolled out across Instagram and Facebook.

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