Metricon shares why it is the 'First Choice for First Home Buyers'

21 January 2020

Creative Agency: Magnum Opus Advertising

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Magnum Opus Partners has created four 15-second TVCs for Metricon.

Australian home builder Metricon homes has released its newest campaign for its affordable home option Homesolution by Metricon through Magnum Opus Partners.

The new brand line tells Aussies that it is the "First Choice for First Home Buyers”.

As part of a fully integrated campaign, Magnum Opus Partners has created four 15-second TVCs: ‘Housemate’, ‘Housemate Popcorn’, ‘Fridge’ and ‘Tiny home.’

Using insights from people that are currently renting.

Each film highlights an issue that all first home buyers are facing every day.

Shot from the perspective of the TV, the only words heard are that of the voiceover from the TV itself.

It observes the reactions of the people at home watching and witness the stories and insights that unfold.

“We’ve worked hard to launch this new strategy, changing our product offering and then aligning our advertising was key to making this a holistic campaign," Metricon marketing manager Leanne Backhouse says.

"We’re very happy with the outcome and look forward to the results.”

Pat Langton, Creative Director, Magnum Opus Partners said: “Homesolution by Metricon has a unique offering with a very specific target market. We’ve all rented at some stage of our lives and we wanted to use those insights in a relatable way. It’s essentially a retail offering covering low-deposit buyers, landowners and people wanting a home and land package, but done in a unique way.”

The Homesolution by Metricon campaign includes catch up TV, regional TV, radio, point of sale, digital and social assets has been launched and will run for the rest of the year.

Client: Metricon Homes
Marketing Manager – HomeSolution by Metricon: Leanne Backhouse
Victorian Marketing Manager: Domenic Varese
Executive Creative Director: Mike Allen
Creative Director: Pat Langton
Art Direction: Johnathan Akiki
Copywriting: Pat Langton
Account Manager: Celina Kwan
Production: About Bob
Director: Jules Tahan
Producer: Raphael Ruz

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