Metamucil's 'The Turd We Deserve' campaign

6 May 2019

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McCann Health and Truce Films have joined forces to create a "topical" campaign for the Proctor & Gamble brand.

Proctor & Gamble's brand Metamucil is tapping into Australia's current political climate and last 10 years of leadership dumping with its The Turd We Deserve campaign.

McCann Health and Truce Films have collaborated to come up with a third installment for the brand.

McCann Health Australia executive creative director Hugh Fitzhardinge says the campaign played on the nation's "disenchantment" with the high turnover of leaders in the last decade.

"With the federal election two weeks away what better time to release the ‘turd we deserve’," Fitzhardinge says.

"Whilst we can debate politics ad nauseam there’s one thing we can all agree on. The power of a good dump which Metamucil delivers on."

The campaign features brand hero Nugget, stool mate Ms Metamucil and side kick Gutsy who are sick of the same old crap and think Australia deserves a better leader.

Proctor & Gamble associate brand director APAC Akhilesh Negi says the campaign took a more "topical" approach compared to its previous installments.

"This new evolution keeps the campaign fresh and it’s exciting to break conventions with a humorous and topical piece of content," Negi says.

"This is the third year of the campaign and with every new episode, we’ve managed to keep our consumers entertained while delivering the key brand message of regularity and gut health."

Proctor & Gamble has invested in a fully integrated amplification plan including social video distribution, celebrity seeding, media partnerships and amplification across Metamucil social media channels.

Starcom and Herd MSL are driving views through multi-platform video seeding to reach audiences across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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