Compare the Market's Aleksandr the Meerkat is campaigning for PM

2 May 2019

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The public has spoken. Mr Aleksandr Orlov is running for Prime Meernister.

The public have spoken. Compare the Market's Aleksandr Orlov is running for Prime Meernister.

Aleksandr is hoping to make tough decisions for Australian people like removing trade restrictions on grub and tasty crickets, improving education for all meerpups and increasing burrowing jobs for all.

In a recent statement, Aleksandr declared why his fellow kat's should vote for him.

"Not only am I very handsome, but I have too many fans to count on one paw!" Aleksandr says.

"I know I can be Australia’s most fearless leader and am the best candidate Kat for job. If you vote for me, you won’t be disappoint; I mean, look at me!"

He already brings an impressive CV with him as businesskat, moviekat, actor, writer and director.

Since the move to Brushtail Place last year, Aleksandr has been an upstanding citizen among his neighbours.

But now it is time to support all neighbourhoods.

A vote for Aleksandr as Prime Meernister means a vote for making money simple again.

He only cares about on Australian budget: yours.

Aleksandr started by helping over four million Australians through comparison service Compare the Market.

During the lead up to the election, he plans to "double down" on education, offering advice to Australians about health insurance.

To follow the Aleksandr's journey to Prime Meernister, visit Compare the Market's Facebook page.

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