Mark Wahlberg stars in Optus' small business push

16 May 2016

Advertiser: Optus

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Hollywood badass Marky Mark and Olympian Ian Thorpe are the stars of Optus’ new ad, focusing on small business owners.

Optus has teamed up with Olympian Ian Thorpe and actor Mark Wahlberg to introduce its business specialist stores.

In the first add, Wahlberg goes back to his home town. He says: “When I said I wanted to be an actor, they laughed at me. When I told them I wanted to be a producer they told me to stay in my lane. When I told them I wanted to open my own restaurant they said it wouldn’t happen. But it did happen.”

The ads are a part of Optus’ announcement it will refocus its attention on delivering tailored solutions for Australia’s small business owners.

Optus small business MD Rob Parcell says: “Mark absolutely epitomises what it is to believe big because he has done it. He grew up in working class Boston with plenty of hurdles but through hard work, had the courage to believe big and make things possible.”

Optus will kick off its SMB focus with Thorpedo fronting the campaign, which will reward four small business owners with a trip to Rio Olympic Games.

“With five gold medals under his belt, Ian knows the hard work that’s required to build and achieve success. These are sacrifices Australia’s small-business owners also know all too well – the early starts, long hours and lost time with loved ones,” Parcell says.

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