Lilydale launches new brand platform via M&C Saatchi

23 July 2020

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The campaign aired with a 30-second TVC shot by FINCH director Christopher Riggert.

Iconic Australian poultry brand Lilydale launched a new brand platform last weekend, in partnership with M&C Saatchi.

Lilydale has been perfecting free range farming since 2002, but in recent years, the cultural trend towards more responsible food has given rise to a plethora of competitors.

This called for a distinctive new brand platform that would reassert Lilydale's credentials as the top choice for discerning cooks, and Australia’s favourite free-range chicken.

The answer is ‘Dedication you can taste’, a positioning that playfully heroes the integrity of Lilydale's farming practices, and the unmatched quality that is a result.

It will be revealed with an integrated campaign launching this Sunday, July 19, with the airing of a 30-second TVC shot by FINCH director Christopher Riggert.

Set to Andrew Gold’s ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’, the film puts the spotlight on the great lengths that Lilydale farmers go to when raising their beloved chickens, illustrating how this commitment makes all the difference.

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