DPR&Co launches The Community Comeback for GOFTAFE

22 July 2020

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The campaign rolled out across OLV, digital, social and press.

GOTAFE delivers vocational education to regional Victorian communities, building resilience and social connectivity while developing the skills that support regional Victoria’s economy.

That role has never been more important, as COVID-19 slams the economy.

Traditionally a student ‘top-up’ enrolment campaign, GOTAFE’s 2020 mid-year campaign switched focus to the delivery of a suite of community services designed to help those out of work, wanting to return to work, or upskill – services including career guidance, counselling and online workshops and training.

DPR&Co was appointed to the GOTAFE account in May with a brief to develop a fresh and compelling community-targeted campaign.

The agency wanted to develop a campaign that would act as a rallying cry for communities under pressure.

Following droughts and bushfires and now COVID-19, jobs, confidence and mental health have suffered.

The campaign needed to highlight GOTAFE’s role as a hub for Victoria’s regional recovery, ready to go above and beyond to empower and connect local communities.

Rolled out across OLV, digital, social and press, The GOTAFE Community Comeback was created to inspire optimism through messages of positivity and empowerment as well as provide practical information about opportunities to build skills and resilience.

Visually impactful, the campaign is built on a suite of positive colour combinations and graphics.

The campaign launched in June to a highly engaged regional audience.

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