Lego celebrates 90 years of rebuilding the world through play

14 June 2022

Creative Agency: The Lego Agency

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Prioritising the importance of play.

The LEGO Group has released a global brand campaign celebrating the power of play and the creativity of its fans in the lead up to its 90th Anniversary on August 10.

Four years after the launch of “Rebuild the World, the company’s latest effort will highlight playful inspiration, activities and collaborations after new Lego research reports that play is fundamental to wellbeing and happiness for the whole family.

The campaign invites fans to come together and prioritize play for nine weeks this summer in the company’s first full takeover of, social media, e-commerce channels, stores and LEGOLAND parks with the LEGO Foundation and LEGO House’s support.

The campaign’s hero film celebrates the impact that playful building and creation has made on the world in the last nine decades. The new ‘We Are All Builders’ film starts and ends with children and their boundless imaginations and optimism reimagining the world around them with LEGO bricks as they rebuild it into a friendlier, more inclusive and more playful place than before.

Julia Goldin, chief product and marketing officer, the LEGO Group, said: “Play has always been the cornerstone of humanity. It’s not only fun, but it’s crucial to helping children develop essential life skills, strengthening family bonds and building communities. But with competing pressures on the lives of parents and children, play is often deprioritised.

“To mark our 90th Anniversary this summer, we’re launching our largest ever celebration of play to inspire people around the world to play more; whatever their age, location or interests. We’re delighted to be joined by a host of the world’s most creative brands and personalities that are just as passionate as we are about play and reminding the world how easy, fun and beneficial it can be.”

The fully integrated global campaign will run across a variety of channels including TV, digital, out of home, cinema (UK), e-commerce channels and in the retail stores in over 25 countries. It will also be supported by a series of local activations and playful events in markets where the LEGO Group has a presence.


Brand Development Marketing Team: Vice President - Alero Dawn Akuya, Director - Kristofer Alan Crockett 
Sr. Project Manager – Ellie Hartnell

The LEGO Agency
Vice President LEGO Agency: Nic Taylor
Head of Creation: Peter Johnson
Global Creative Lead: Lucas Reynoso Vizcaino
Global Creative Team: Martin Rathschau Bekkersgaard Nielsen, Jacob Knudsen, Carlos Ramas Santamaria
Global Sr. Communications Partner: Melanie Cumbo
Global Strategist Director: Sonal Jhuj
Global Sr. Project Manager: Preben Gregers Jespersen, Karin Viballe Andersen
Head of Production: Charlie Cooper Henniker
Senior Lead Producer: Uffe Bryld
Sr. Digital Content Manager: Kenneth Sanchez

External Partners for hero film
Directors: Oskar Bård
Production Company: Hobby Film
Executive Producer: Anna Bergström
Producer: Anna Bergström
Service Company: Chubby Unicorn
Executive Producer: Dace Siatkovska
Line Producer: Renate Barone
Production Manager: Helena Zakare
Cinematographer: Mart Ratassepp / Thodoris Zacharakis
Production Designer: Juris Zukovskis
Costume Designer: Anna Grenås / Liene Bite
Post Production: Hobby
Colourist: Lasse Marcussen, Cameo
Editor: Gatis Belgrudovs
Music Composer: Joel Hilme
Sound Design: Edward Björner

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