L’Oréal has colour blind men seeing red

20 April 2016

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L’Oréal uses new age technology to help men see their partner's favourite shade of red lipstick.

L’Oréal has released a digital video in Mexico that shows the first time colour blind men see their partners wearing red lipstick.

The campaign was created by McCann Mexico, based on the insight that one in 12 men cannot see the color red due to color blindness.

For the campaign, the agency enlisted seven couples in which the men had never seen the colour red. Those men then wore special glasses with enchroma technology to be able to see the colour on their partners’ lips.

The video is being pushed on all of L’Oréal Paris’s social networks in Mexico. L’Oreal is also asking women to share photos of themselves wearing their favorite shade of red with the hashtag #EsteEsMiRojo or #ThisIsMyRed.

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