Koh chucks all manner of filth on a kitchen bench in a Facebook Live event via The Royals

17 December 2020

Creative Agency: The Royals

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A week’s worth of bin juice, sink hair, dog slobber, mud from work boots.

Koh chucks all manner of filth on a kitchen bench in a 7-day Facebook Live event to test revolutionary new product via The Royals

The Royals’ campaign propels the launch of Koh’s revolutionary new sanitiser.

A week’s worth of bin juice, sink hair, dog slobber, mud from work boots and all manner of other disgusting things made an appearance in the launch campaign for Koh Protect Surface, a revolutionary new sanitiser that keeps surfaces bacteria-free for seven days.

Created by The Royals, the campaign set out to prove the efficacy of Koh Protect Surface by smearing a long list of bacteria-carrying substances all over a ‘Koh protected’ kitchen bench during a seven-day Facebook Live event, called ‘Will Koh Protect?’ But then came the real test. Would the Founder of Koh, Adam, eat his lunch off the bench’s surface without it being sanitised again?

Lucky for him after seven days of rigorous “testing”, the science proved in his favour and the bench remained bacteria free.

Watch the ‘Will Koh Protect?’ case study video.

The choice to execute the campaign live was a strategic one to demonstrate real-time proof of Koh’s confidence in the product. This was supported by daily testing of the bench to further prove that Koh really does protect for seven days, no matter what you throw at it.

Koh CEO Vin Ramanadhan said: “Innovation and agility are cornerstones of Koh. We needed a creative launch campaign that highlighted the benefits of Koh Protect, without detracting from the simplicity of the Koh cleaning system. We also didn’t want to play into consumer concerns around bacterial transmission in the current climate brought on by the pandemic. Our challenge to The Royals was to bring that to life for Koh customers transparently, and within 60 days.”

Sebastian Vizor, Executive Creative Director Sydney at The Royals, added: “Creatively, we needed to bring to life the invisible protection that Koh Protect offers, so we decided to do this by testing the peace of mind of the Founder himself. And what better way to prove we actually tested the bench over 7 days than doing it all via a live event on Facebook.”

As part of the product launch, The Royals designed the packaging for Koh Protect Surface as well as a second product launch, Koh Protect Hand. The Facebook Live campaign was supported by social media, eDM and retargeting, across the UK and Australia.


Client: Koh
Agency: The Royals
Production Company: DK Films
Live Stream: Go Live


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