Škoda sells cars – not car ads

15 September 2016

Creative Agency: DDB Sydney

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Škoda and DDB Sydney have created the perfect anti car ad, car ad – with the brand pushing to sell cars not clichés.

This ad marks a continuation in work done for the brand created by DDB Sydney, with the ad featuring the wintery scenic splendour of New Zealand. The spot shows actors whose appearances embody the inevitable stereotypes of car commercials. Then, the female lead breaks the fourth wall in the manner of the US drama House of Cards, speaking directly to the viewer asking “You’re not buying this, are you?”

A conspiracy is formed between the actor and viewer. You’re too clever to be taken in by the clichés and recognise that a ŠKODA relies on its substance and can do without the pretence.

“It’s not anti-category,” says DDB managing partner Amanda Wheeler, “it’s anti-cliché.”

Andrew Younis, Skoda Australia marketing manager, adds: “We know people most likely to consider a Skoda aren’t looking for the predictable, they do their own research, they look for brands that stand out and stand for something. We think the Octavia delivers on that and has the substance to match. As a result,we have created a campaign to appeal to that sensibility.”

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